Universal Metal Spinning Company, Inc. – since 1963

Manufacturer of Aluminum Spheres for Radar Target Tracking & Calibration.

Calibration and Target Spheres Available in Dimensions from 3.187″ – 27.5″. Our Spheres are Hand Spun for the Lowest Weights Available.

Universal’s aluminum radar target spheres are constructed from two hand spun hemispheres. The hemispheres are jigged and welded into a compete sphere, then sanded and polished to a smooth spherical surface.

We define sphericity as the largest difference in diameters obtained when a large number diameter measurements are taken, i.e.,

sphericity = largest diameter minus smallest diameter.

We polish all of our radar calibration spheres to provide a consistent, smooth finish, providing the best performance for tracking and calibration of your systems.

Radar target spheres at Universal Metal Spinning - Albuquerque, NM

Check out the specifications data table below for our standard sizes of Target Spheres:

Target sphere sizes at Universal Metal Spinning, Albuquerque NM

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